About Us

The UnitedBookShop is a new website aimed at uniting authors around the world with a single, focused store that is designed to be fair to them.

Unlike other major unlike book retailers, we do not charge between 35% and 90% of the sale as a commission, instead we simply make a charge of £1 per book per month as a listing and indexing fee. That's it.

So, as authors earn much more from their books if they sell on here, in turn they can afford to let their customers buy books from them at amazing prices.

That seemed obvious to us - but it seems we are a first.

As a final bonus, many people get a little bit of a buzz knowing they are not buying a book from a reseller - they are buying DIRECTLY from the person that actually wrote it. The personal touch.


UnitedBookShop is a very new business - having been formed on the 14th of January 2017 - so please give us a little time to start loading books. (You shouldn't really be reading this as we are not planning our official launch until May 1st 2017 - but we thought we would put a little bit of information online instead of the usual "site in progress" banners) for those of you that somehow managed to find us ahead of schedule!

Our first selection of books released on Valentines Day, will be of an adult nature, however the UnitedBookShop aims to provide books of all kinds to all people.

As our terms for sellers are so fair, we expect to grow quite quickly. If you might be interested in selling your books from the UnitedBookShop, please have a look here for a little more information.

Some of the books you can buy might be real "paper and cardboard" books - produced by private publishers. Most books however will be electronic in nature and will be sent to you by the author automatically once you have purchased them. The listing should make it clear what type of book you are buying.


Adult material is welcome here. We make sure that the adult section is clearly separated from the rest of our system - and if you search on the site on any of the main pages, you will NOT find any sexual content (other than PG13 style romance novels). You MAY however find horrors and thrillers which are NOT suitable for younger readers or for those of a nervous disposition.

To search for adult material you must first select the adult genre in the navigation bar to the left of all pages. From there you can search the whole of the adult system at your leisure. Please note that we choose NOT to act a censors and if a book can be legally sold in the United Kingdom, then we will permit it to be on sale. Any book found to contain material NOT permitted by law will be delisted immediately, the vendor will have their account terminated and be reported to the appropriate authorities.

However just as with horror and thriller novel which deal with murdering people etc, some adult material also covers subjects that would be illegal to do in real life. Providing however it does not fall foul of the law, then we will permit people to sell it and other to buy it. Preventing such sales on the grounds of individual taste simply forces things underground where there is then no regulation whatsoever.

If a subject is not to your liking, don't buy the book - or search for it.