Adult Content

We DO know how frustrating it can be when a typical seller changes the rules, refuses to give practical guidelines and then threatens to suspend (or does suspend you) without any chance of appeal - and in many cases without even being specific about what you have done wrong.

We offer very simple guidelines to avoid being banned.

Keep it legal.

Providing the book is legal to sell in the United Kingdom you may advertise it for sale on this website. It is your responsibility however to ensure legality - we do not have time or the inclination to read entire books to ascertain their legality - nor do we have access to the books in the first place as they are not stored on our system.

If someone makes a complaint to us about a specific book, we will ask them to provide the offending passage in question and then take advice. If it appears to be "borderline", we will ask you to amend it -  but we will not terminate your account.

IF however you are clearly breaking the law with content that is illegal then the book will be pulled immediately and depending on the illegal content in question will warn you, ban you or ban you and submit information to the police.

We would only take the latter position if we felt you were at the "top end" of what is prohibited. For example any book that advocates, educates or glamorizes any form of terrorism would be considered highly illegal and would result in your account being terminated and your details being passed to the police.

Although not technically illegal at the moment, we also choose NOT to permit text that involves any form of sexual activity with children. Clearly images depeciting this ARE illegal. Providing it was only text, we would ask you to review ALL your books to ensure that there is no similar content elsewhere - and then we would permit you to retain your account with us.

In very special cases (for example a "survivors account" based on a true even of the writer) providing there is no attempt at all to glamorize or titillate, we may permit text descriptions if we consider it is important to the book. This would be a rare exception.

ANY underage images however would result in account termination and notification to the police.

If we are aware of a book that contains text which seems to glamorize any sexual activity with a minor, then we will remove it from our listing. There will be no refund of listing fees. Likewise any book that we are obliged to pull by law will also result in any fees paid, being lost.

To offer further guidance, we can recommend you read the page provided by the CPS. Although this is mostly focused on images, it would seem sensible to presume that explicit text depicting the same content as the image would portray may put you at risk of an offence.

To reiterate, providing we believe your material is legal and does not contain text describing abuse of minors, we are prepared to let you advertise it with us.

You may however choose to be cautious if using PayPal as your payment handler as they have been known to withdraw their service for extreme pornography. As a general rule however, if it is legal in the UK and could - for example - be found in printed form in an Adult shop in the High Street, they do not seem to object.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you conform to the law. If you are unsure we would urge you to seek legal advice. Please do not ask us to "approve" of a book - or a section of text. We are not legal experts and cannot offer guidance.

If we list your book it means we are not aware that you are breaking the law. It is not our job to "vet" your book however, nor do we have any access to it, we can only go on the image you supply to promote the cover of your book and the associated title and descriptive text and tags

To avoid unnecessary angst, we would suggest that images and descriptive text is not only legal but also restrained so that people are not going to be easily offended if you are offering a slightly stronger form of erotica than they may be comfortable with.