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UnitedBookShop is a very new business - having been formed on the 14th of January 2017 - so please give us a little time to start loading books.

You shouldn't really be reading this as we are not planning our official launch until May 1st 2017 - but we thought we would put a little bit of information online instead of the usual "site in progress" banners :)

You can also read much of this on our "About Us" page too if you like.

Our first selection of books released on Valentines Day, will be of an adult nature, however the UnitedBookShop aims to provide books of all kinds to all people.

Our ethos is simple - to link Readers with Writers for as little cost to everyone as possible.

Most online book sellers (especially the giant "Amazing" one) charge fees of between 35% and 90% of the cost of the book. We think that level of greed is unacceptable. It makes a book much more expensive than it should be - and also cheats writers out of a fair share of the revenue at the same time. Everyone loses out except the greedy online retailer

So we thought it was time to do it differently.

We do not sell the book - the author sells you their book directly when you click their "PayPal" button. We don't get a penny.

We charge authors a flat fee of £1 per month to list each book they have with us.

This means they get to keep all the money from the book sale - and because of that, they can afford to charge you much less!

Simple really isn't it?

We hope you like the big idea - your pocket will!