Having an account with  us is simple.

Really Simple.

Here is how it works:-

You provide a description of your book (or other items see below) - around 100-200 words is ideal - a photograph representing the cover of your book, the price you wish to sell at and a PayPal button code (we can help you with this or do it for you) that, when clicked charges the buyer the amount you have chosen to sell your book for.

We make NO commission on the sale. you keep every penny of the sale and the payment is made directly from the buyer's account to your account.

In return we make the following charges:

£10 per book as a single one-time only fee to create the listing for you, format the text and add you to the indexing system and appropriate genres.

£ 1 per book per month as an ongoing listing fee. This fee covers books from as little as free (given away) to £25. Books or other items over £25 may be charged a higher listing charge.

We think that is fairer that doing as one online book seller does - and deduct between 35% and 90% of the sale price for themselves. We don't think there is a need to be greedy. We prefer to work on the basis that a fair and simple way of bringing together both Reader and Writer is the sensible approach.


With regard to the PayPal button, each button code has your own PayPal reference, a set price AND a reference that you will be sent by email from Paypal to let you know that a transaction has been made and that you need to email your book to someone.

Of course some people may opt to send physical items (printed books, CDs, DVDs etc) the method is the same. If you know how to do this - awesome. If not we can either guide you here or we can do the work for you. Doing it yourself is easy if you follow the guide. If we have to do it for you, there is a charge of £5.


Adult Material - Guidelines.

We have written a short article on how we handle adult material, what we permit and what we do not. If you are planning to offer adult material for sale, please do take time to read this. It is offered in good faith and provides you with a source for official guidelines. In summary, if it is legal we will permit it - but it is YOUR responsibility to ensure it is legal. We have no access to your book, we simply advertise it for you. The guidelines are here


Not just Books!

Providing the item in question is not something that would seem totally out of place in a bookshop, small stationers - or at a book fair, then we will consider allowing you to promote your item with us - and enable to you to take sales just as you would for a book.

The list of things we will accept without asking first include CD's, DVD's, Maps, Charts, Posters, T-shirts, Pens, Customised Writing Stationery, Ink, Inkjet Ink & Refills, Artists Paint, Toner Cartridges and Refills, NEW Childrens Soft Toys and Binders.

We will consider other items on a case by case basis. Items accepted under £10 will have a £10 one off fee and a monthly
listing fee of £1. Items over £10 may have a higher one-off fee and a higher listing fee. In all cases however you will sell direct to the buyer and retain 100% of the revenue received from PayPal.

The reason for reserving the right to charge more for items over £10 is that the entire notion of this site is to allow "Readers and Writers" to come together without either the seller being fleeced by a retailer - or (as a result of that) the seller having to pay over the odds for their item.

If we feel the item you are selling has a modest profit potential, then we may still allow you to list for the usual £10 + £1 a month fee. If however the item seems to be a high profit product, then we may charge a seller a higher amount.

A book for £15 may well attract a higher initial fee and a higher monthly fee - though probably still only along the lines of £20 initial fee and £2 per month ongoing.

On the other hand a set of three DVDs for £30 may be considered by our reviewer as offering above average value for money - and thus still deserve the £10 + £1 monthly listing fee.

We reward sellers who are trying to offer amazing value for money.